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Holistic Horse Care

Arnaborg is the realization of my dream of holistic horse care. This starts with humane living in a flock of horses and loose housing with free access to paddock or pastures, e.g an intelligent Paddock-Pasture Trail (inspirered by the Paddock-Paradise koncept). Further, pasture management and the horse's diet have a big impact on its well-being. A well- performing horse can only perform with good hooves - without a hoof there is no horse.

I offer all available services in English - limited to Denmark and Germany.

Horse stables


Are you interested in a horse stable individually designed for you and your needs? Arnaborg has formed a cooperation with Skandwood. Together with you we design the dream stable for your horses. We have a wide range of different stable concepts, from loose stable to traditional barns or combinations of both. Furthermore, we offer a wide selection of sheds, hay racks and round pens. All products are produced with natural, sustainable European larch. Please contact us and we will support you to realize your dreams.

Klick here to see our products: www.skandwood.dk


Hoof boots


Long drives and rides over long distances or trail rides are often a challenge without hoof protection. I have been using hoof boots successfully for several years now. My horses go around 500 km per month with boots. Now I want to share my expertise with other riders and horses.

If you are interested in trying hoof boots or want to get them fitted by an expert, please contact me. I can help you with fitting and choosing the best model for your horse and your riding discipline.

Hoof treatment


A healthy and well-performing hoof needs regular care. An important part is regular hoof treatment. Currently, I am attending a course at the renowed German hoof academy BESW to become a hoof practitioner.

Earliest in November I will accept few customers in the area Kruså, Aabenraa, Sønderborg and Flensburg.

If you are interested in booking my service, please contact me, and I will notify you as soon as my service is  available.


About me

My name is Gwen and horses have been my great passion ever since. After my collage degree as Dipl. Ing.-oec. and several years of work experience as an engineer, I decided to start my own business. I would like to share my expertise and help to optimize hooves and horse care together with my customers.

In February 2013 i realized my dream of having my own farm in Southern Denmark and named it after my youngest mare: Arnaborg.

We immediately started to rearrange the old farm into a real horse farm. We built several kilometres of new fende and in Summer 2013 we established a hippodrome in our machine hall. The dream of the "perfect stable" suddenly became a real challenge by the end of 2013, when the old stable blew away in a storm. Already at Eastern it was there: The new home for our horses, manufactured by Skandwood and built by us. A loose stable including hay storage and tack room fulfilling all our horse's needs and our wishes about effectiveness.

Gwen und Nátthrafn

Gwen and Prins frá Kambi

Gwen and Vikur fra Dronninglund

Obviously we were still not done. One project after the other is keeping us busy, each refurbishing and improving stable, paddock, pasture or hippodrome. One of the next big projects is a pasture trail system (inspirered by the Paddock Paradise concept), which will have a length of 600 m and where the special features of the land is utilised best.

In short: The dream stable will be extended with a big horse playground, where they can wander about the forrests, gallop over gras, tackle bumps and barriers or dip their feet into water.

A lot of excercise over different surfaces is of outmost importance for healthy horses with high-performing (bare-)hoofs.

The hoof and the construction of the horse leg as a lot is a system optimized for most extreme performance. Small interferences can distranct the balance completely. Yet it is absolutely stunning, how much a horse is able to compensate. Surely not least due to my technical background as an engineer, I find the coherences between footing and movements, health and hoof balance fascinating.

Several years ago I stepwise grew into hoof treatment due to my Icelandic horse mare. Her first endurance season she managed all barefooted. But when the distances became longer I needed to look for some hoof protection. Since then I have been engaged in hoof boots.

Over the years more horses joined the family and all are succesfully at endurance races and trail rides, both barefoot and with hoof boots.

In autumn 2014 I decided to fulfill myself a wish, that I have had for a long time, and signed up for a course at the BESW "Hufpflege Premium".

I am very much looking forward to meet many beautiful horses and inspiring people.

Kind regards,


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